1Hydro Water Bottle

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1hydro-water-bottle-reviewSafe, Potable Water Made Portable

One of the things that any survivalist needs in their go-bag or pack is a safe source of drinkable water.  While you can’t reasonably carry more that 10 gallons on yourself, there are ways to convert the water you do find into safe, drinkable water.  There are the tablets, or iodine for you old-schoolers, but they can leave a funny taste, and have a tendency to get lost in the shuffle.  You can boil your water, but then you have to build the fire, boil the water, and wait for it to cool before you can drink it.  That’s why we like the 1Tac 1Hydro Water Bottle so much.  It offers a way to get potable water safely, and easily, plus it saves a lot of room in your kit.

1Tac, a company known for its tactical readiness tools, has provided a big improvement in tactical readiness with the 1Hydro Water Bottle.  It’s field-tested tough, durable, and even carries with it a compass in the cap for that little bit of extra readiness.  It’s capable of removing 99.999% of waterborne bacteria, and 99.9% of protozoan parasites, which means you can dip this bottle into virtually any water source, and come out with 100% potable water.  Interested in getting one for yourself, or a loved one?  Click the button below to access our exclusive discount pricing!

How Does The 1Hydro Water Bottle Work?

There are a few different strategies for getting water safe to drink.  There’s always the classic boiling method.  But if you’re not carrying the equipment, or haven’t even established camp yet, it’s not really a viable survival option.  Then there are the tablets and iodine options.  These are popular portable options, and while they work well in some situations, they don’t work on all parasites or bacteria.  Then there is filtration.  Filtration has just recently become viable as an option thanks to advancements in the tech, and it’s an advancement that the 1Tac 1Hydro Water Bottle takes full advantage of.  It uses a state of the art filtration system to eliminate harmful bacteria and parasites from your water source, cleaning it in the process.  The result is better tasting, better looking, and much safer water than other alternatives.

1Hydro Water Bottle Benefits:

  • Great For Your Emergency Kit
  • Portable, Reliable Source Of SAFE Water
  • Get Clean Water Fast
  • Eliminate Bacteria and Parasites
  • Exclusive Discount Available

1Hydro Water Bottle Reviews

Reviews for 1Hydro Water Bottles have been very positive.  People have bought them as gifts for family, loved ones, or friends and they’re all reporting back with positive results.  And, really, what’s not to like?  What it does is truly remarkable, and in such a small package, it’s a no-brainer for any outdoor enthusiast, survivalist, or even just to carry in your car for emergencies.  But the biggest thing we saw mentioned was the longevity of the product.  With a filter lifespan of almost 400 gallons and a durable bottle, 1Tac 1Hydro provides a dependable water source for a long, long time.

1Tac 1Hydro Water Bottle Prices

1Tac 1Hydro has a pretty unique pricing structure, including a pretty hefty discount for bulk orders.  The most popular option so far has been the buy 2 get 1 free, which works out to about $39.00 per bottle.  But if you go up a little more in quantity, you can get a bottle price of around $22.40 per bottle.  It’s a great deal, and one we know a lot of people are going to jump on.  If you’re ready to activate your discount, click the  the banner below to get started.  It’s a limited time offer, and supplies do get short this time of year, so be sure to get on it ASAP!