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Did you know that unarmed robbery is becoming more and more common?  It’s not just in dark alleys anymore, either.  It’s happening wherever, and whenever.  That’s why it’s more important than ever to keep ourselves protected in these situations.  But self defense items can be bulky, unwieldy, and, frankly, ineffective.  That’s why we were thrilled when we saw 1Tac’s new Tactical Pen.  It’s a highly portable, highly adaptable and efficient self-defense and survival tool.  Made from aircraft grade aluminum, and featuring a tungsten steel glass breaker, removable steel blade, and a blinding 80 Lumen LED light, WHILE functioning great as a pen, the 1Tac Tactical Pen will get you out of a lot of tight spots.

The 1Tac Tactical Pen was developed primarily as a pocket sized tactical device, and it really shows.  From cutting seat belts and smashing windows in rescue or survival situations, to self-defense, to the more mundane writing and flashlight capabilities, this pen is a great tool to have on you in a pinch.  From top to bottom, this tactical pen is the real deal.  It’s also finished in a black, matte finish to help avoid detection and protect the aluminum frame.  This is a great addition to any tactical arsenal, and, for a limited time, you can get an exclusive discount on your first pen by clicking the button below.

1Tac Tactical Pen Features

LED Flashlight – This ultra-bright 70 lumen LED flashlight is long lasting and powerful.  It can be used in any variety of situations, from blinding attackers, to looking in tight, dark spaces, this is a powerful tool in any survivalists bag.

Full Aluminum Body – The aircraft grade aluminum frame for the 1Tac Tactical Pen guarantees you two things; strength, and low-weight.  This combination makes for a responsive, yet powerful application of force in any situation.;

Stainless Steel Blade – It’s always good to have a knife on you.  But sometimes in the office or out and about, it can be difficult to carry your EDC.  Fortunately, the 1Tac Tactical Pen has a discreet, and removable, blade that is great for utility, or self-defense.

Tungsten Steel Glass Breaker – This is a tool everybody should have on them anytime they step into a vehicle.  It can literally save your life.

1Tac Tactical Pen Benefits:

  • Removable Stainless Steel Blade
  • Easy To Use Tungsten Steel Glass Breaker
  • Works Great In Emergency Situations
  • Powerful LED Flashlight
  • Self-Defense In Your Pocket

1Tac Tactical Pen Reviews

Reviews for the 1 Tac Tactical Pen have been pretty stellar so far.  People really seem to like the product.  While we haven’t seen much in the way of first hand self defense stories yet, we have heard of a lot of people using the knife, pen and LED flashlight.  That’s the great thing about this pen, really, is that it has all these great features for an EDC, but carries with it that tactical element just in case.  

1Tac Tactical Pen Trial

If we had to offer one takeaway from this entire article, we would say that it should be this; this is a great addition to any arsenal.  But what makes the decision a whole lot easier for a lot of people is the price.  We’ve seen similar products priced at 2x to 3x the price, so it’s nice to see it at this price point.  Add to that a nice volume discount, and you have a great opportunity to get a solid tactical addition EDC.  Ready to get yours?  Click the banner below to get started!