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Have you ever dreamed of riding a roller coaster in the comfort of your own home?  How about visiting the Great Wall of China in a photo realistic setting?  With recent technological improvements, these have become more than just a dream, they’ve become a reality.  Well, virtual reality.  But these innovations are outside of the reach of most consumers due to high prices, and even hard to utilize products.  But that’s where Astoria VR comes in.  They’re providing a cost-effective solution for those of us who want to travel the world or game from home in full virtual reality, and the only thing you need to take advantage of it is a smartphone.

Sounds too good to be true, right?  Well, it’s not.  All you need to access the world of virtual reality is a smartphone and Astoria VR.  It’s a fraction of the cost, has a sleek, sexy look, is a breeze to setup, and has as many apps and games as your phone can find!  But possibly the best possible news is that you can get a single Astoria VR for $59.  That means you can access to VR, at home, at less than 1/10th of the cost of the leading VR equipment.  Sound like something you want to try for yourself?  Click the button below to get your Astoria Virtual Reality Device!

How Does Astoria VR Work?

The innovative design for Astoria VR starts with a simple goal; get VR in the hands of the people for as absolutely cheap as possible.   This vision has not only been achieved, but exceeded in real, measurable ways.  Instead of working to create an integrated optical system, a key mistake by other VR companies, they use a powerful computer that just about everyone has at their disposal.  A computer?  Check your pocket!  Astoria VR works via the power of your smartphone.  It works with iPhones, Samsung phones and even HTC phones.  Basically, it works with any phone between 4.7 and 6 inches.  Then it’s as simple as visiting the app store, or turning on your favorite VR enabled channel (did you know YouTube has a dedicated VR Channel?) and BAM you’re transported into your very own digital world!

Astoria VR Benefits:

  • 1/10th Cost Of Competitor VR Devices
  • No Computer Required
  • Works With Almost ALL Smartphones
  • Sexy, Sleek Design
  • Even Beginners Can Use It!

Astoria VR Reviews

The reviews are in for Astoria VR, and not only are they positive, they’ve proven to be one of the most highly reviewed affordable VR sets on the market today.  That just goes to show that the price of other VR devices is mostly just artificial inflation by the company.  Users really liked that the device easily supported their devices, but they also were really happy about how the device felt and looked.  We even saw a few users that liked this device better than other VR devices they had tried in the past.

Astoria VR Price

One of our favorite things about AstoriaVR has been the price.  First off, we don’t know how they’re able to sell this without operating at a loss.  It’s really unbelievably cheap at their entry level $59.  But it gets even more surprising.  If you wanted to share this experience with a friend or loved one, you can get some really incredible savings as you buy more, with bestselling package including a buy 3, get 2 free price of $29 a piece.  We’re not sure how they can sell them this cheap, but we’re not asking questions.  If you’re ready to get your Astoria VR, get in line behind us, then click the banner below!  No pushing!

Astoria VR Headset