Nuvega Lash

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Triple Lash Action For Extra Long Eyelashes

Nuvega Lash is one of the most groundbreaking products we’ve come across this year. Many companies offer cosmetic solutions for sparse or uneven eyelash growth, but few can deliver a long-term answer like this. Nuvega Lash serum isn’t simply an aesthetic cover-up for insufficient lashes. Instead, it is a revitalizing growth stimulator. This potent blend of vitamins and peptide nutrients works at the follicles and roots to nourish and strengthen. For women who want to recapture the structure, length and volume of their lashes at a younger age, this is the only way to go. Click the image to find details and special offers.

There are a number of factors contributing to diminishing eyelash growth as we get older. The natural aging process plays its own role, as well as various environmental elements. Stress, UV exposure and toxins in the air can lead to a breakdown in root and follicle strength. This can cause your lashes to grow in unevenly. However, Nuvega Lash utilizes a revolutionary blend to enrich the base point of your lashes so that they come in more full, dark and beautiful. No other product on the market has managed to match this cutting edge approach.  Ready to get yours?  Click the button to claim your trial package!

How to Use Nuvega Lash

Each bottle of Nuvega Lash comes with an easy to use applicator brush. First, gently rinse and cleanse your eyelids and brows so as to remove and dirt and oils. Then, gather a small amount of the Nuvega serum on the brush, and apply a thin layer to the base of your upper and lower lashes. You’ll want to make sure that you coat the formula on the area right around the follicles, so that Nuvega Lash can absorb directly into the roots. One brush stroke should be enough to cover both eyelids, so there’s no need to “double-dip”.

Nuvega Lash Instructions

Once applied, the Nuvega Lash blend will begin its work, delivering key nutrients to the eyelash roots. During the 15 to 20 minutes after application, try to avoid touching or rubbing your eyes. This can impede the process. Within four to six weeks, most users begin to notice substantial change in the volume and aesthetics of their lashes. Growth tends to become stronger, denser and more even. Because Nuvega Lash stimulates hair cells at a deeper level, this improvement is sustainable over the long-term. Your lashes don’t just look stronger, they ARE stronger.

Nuvega Lash Serum Benefits

  • Fuller and denser eyelash growth
  • Nourishes the roots and follicles
  • Easy and pain-free to apply
  • Clinically tested formula that works
  • Effective for improved eyebrow growth also

The First Vegan Eyelash Growth Serum

One truly unique aspect of Nuvega Lash is that its blend of ingredients is 100-percent vegan friendly. There are no components within the formula derived from animals, so you can feel good about where this product is coming from. Additionally, Nuvega Lash serum is free of alcohol and mineral oils. Acids such as parabens are also absent from the lash growth stimulating formula. The team behind Nuvega went to great lengths to ensure their product featured a collection of ingredients that is completely safe and healthy for both you, and the environment.

Get Nuvega Lash Now

In order to get their new product into the hands of people who need it, Nuvega Lash is offering a free trial for a short time. This exclusive deal is only expected to last until the end of the week, and that’s if supplies last. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, then act now. There is only one way to experience the ease, comfort and effectiveness of the Nuvega Lash growth solution, and that’s by giving it a try.

Nuvega Lash Serum