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ROK7 VR BoxNobody Does VR like ROK7!

Have you ever dreamed of what it would be like to visit the Eifell Tower from the comfort of your own home?  How about riding a roller coaster in your underwear?  (Now that’s freedom).  Well, with the power of ROK7 VR, not only can you see the world, you can do it more affordably than ever.  Instead of relying on an expensive computer, ROK7 VR uses the power of a computer everyone has.  A computer?  Check your pocket!  ROK7 VR Box offers a way to use almost any smartphone to travel the world, play immersive games, or, well, ride a roller coaster in your underwear.

But the most impressive part of ROK7 VR is that it’s able to do all this at only a tenth of the cost of other VR Sets.  That means that you can get in on the hottest craze in recent memory and do it at an affordable price. And, with the limited time ROK7 first timer discount, you can get special pricing that can get you a set for as low as $24.00 per unit.  It’s a great time to get one for yourself, and at that price, it’s an even better time to buy for your loved ones.  Click the button below to get your exclusive discount!

How Does The ROK7 VR Box Work?

ROK7 VR is a HUGE innovation in VR.  Instead of relying on costly optics and displays, it uses an adaptable unit that holds a variety of smartphone sizes.  It’s a sleek, sexy design, that is lightweight.  That’s an important quality for the unit, as neck fatigue can set in with heavier units.  The lens used to view your phone are tunable,giving you a great way to experience the virtual world.  It fits all smart phones from 3/5″ to 6″, and even supports 3D split screen.  It adjusts to fit your head, so no worries if you have a big noggin.  But the best possible feature of this one is that you can access thousands upon thousands of free VR videos on youtube, and get access to all kinds of android and apple vr apps to have a blast with.

ROK7 VR Headset Features:

  • Comfortable, Lightweight, Durable
  • Works With Almost ALL Smartphones
  • Adjustable, Fits All Sizes
  • Bluetooth Remote Included
  • Easy To Use Screen Tuning

ROK7 VR Reviews

With any online exclusive product, you’re going to find a lot of reviews for it.  That’s just a product of the reality of online sales.  But reviews for ROK7 VR have been nothing short of spectacular.  People really seem to appreciate the design, adaptability, and comfort.  But by far the most talked about feature is the price.  And it only gets better as you buy more.  A standalone set will cost you $42.99, but when you buy multiple sets, the price can get as low as $24.99.  It’s a great time to get in on VR, and an even better product for getting your feet wet.

ROK7 VR Headset Prices

Prices for ROK7, like we mentioned above, are ridiculously low priced.  Typical VR devices can run upward of $800 dollars.  But with ROK7 VR BOX, you can get a vivid, VR experience for a tiny fraction of that cost.  So, if you want to try out a 1000″ big screen in the comfort of your own home, or maybe go on the trip you’ve always been wanting to take, this is a great time, and way to do it.  Ready to start gaming, watching immersive movies, or even going on cool experiences like rollercoasters or walks on Mount Everest?  Well, get in line.  But you can get one after us!  Click the banner below to buy ROK7 VR Today!

ROK7 VR Headset