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Ultra Shot ReviewNew | UltraShot Tactical Slingshot

When it comes to readiness, you can never be too prepared.  So what happens when you don’t have a readily available weapon to hunt or defend yourself with?  That’s a question that Official Survivor Kit has tried to answer with the Ultra Shot Tactical Sling shot.  This pocket sized slingshot is an amazing tool to have on hand when s*** hits the fan.  Why?  A simple pebble can turn it into a deadly hunting and self defense weapon.  But even more than that, it’s super durable, letting you use it as a dependable fall-back weapon for your go back.

Even if you don’t plan on hunting with the Ultra Shot Slingshot, it’s a lot of fun.  We’ve seen videos of UltraShot in action, and it’s able to launch arrows, ball bearings, and even small rocks to devastating effect.  It can shoot objects up to 350 FPS, which is more than enough to cause some serious damage to small animals or potential threats.  But the best thing about this versatile little spitfire?  For a limited time, you can get it 75% off WITH an extra rubber launching pouch.  That’s a great value for anybody looking for a little extra preparedness, or fun.  Ready to get your Ultra Shot?  Click the button below to activate your 75% off coupon!

How Does The Ultra Shot Slingshot Work?

Conventional slingshots rely on a fixed rubber band between two fixed points.  But the trouble with those kind of bands is that the way they’re attached to the sling itself wears down the band fast.  That means you either have to have a ton of back up bands, or be out of luck.  That’s what we like so much about the Ultra Shot, it’s has a 360 degree connection to the sling, and the band itself is a solid, single piece.  That makes it much more durable, and even more powerful.  Lastly, where normal slingshots can be tough to use and aim, the point and shoot capability of the UltraShot makes it easy to learn and master accurate shots!

Ultra Shot Tactical Slingshot Benefits:

  • Durable, Strong, Powerful
  • Never Run Out Of Ammo!
  • Fire All Kinds Of Projectiles
  • Shoots Up To 350 FPS
  • Limited Time 75% Discount

Ultra Shot Reviews

Reviews we’ve seen for Ultra Shot are full of smiling faces.  That’s because most people that have been using it and posting about it have been using it as a mess-around weapon.  But that doesn’t really indicate fully what this product is capable of.  We’ve seen a few people talk about bagging small game like squirrel, rabbits and others, with no problem, and even doing it with pebbles they’ve found.  It’s that kind of adaptability that we really appreciate with this product.  It can be both fun, and practical when necessary.

Ultra Shot Tactical Slingshot Price

So, what’s the damage for one of these?  To buy a single UltraShot, it will run you $37 plus shipping.  But if you buy 2, you can get them at $27.50 a piece, or when you buy 3, at $23.33 a piece.  The savings go up as you buy more.  But the lower discounts are still really good, and make it a great choice for a gift for friends or loved ones, or just to have extras.  Ready to get your discount?  Click the banner below to activate your coupon!

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