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XT808 ReviewNew | Tactical XT-808 Flashlight

When we’re looking for survival gear, our first stop lately has been the shop at Primitive Survivors.  They’ve been pumping out premium survival gear for a while now, but their latest release, the XT808 Flashlight, has really changed the way we look at the company.  The biggest reason?  The price they’re selling this flashlight at.  Right now it’s down from $224.45 to $56, and for the quality of the flashlight, we’re not sure how they’re making any money at all.  But we’re not in the business of asking questions, just reviewing products.  In our review we’ll discuss what makes the XT808 so special, including analysis of the materials they’re using, and what users of this innovative flashlight are saying.

So, what’s so special about the XT808?  It might be easier to list the things that aren’t special about the XT808, but we’re not averse to some hard work.  There are three key features of the flashlight, the zoom-able, scoping lens, the 5 light mode settings, and the 700 lumen Cree LED.  These combined make for a great flashlight, but when you consider the full aircraft grade aluminum body, crennelated strike bezel, and the flat black tactical finish, you have a really outstanding flashlight.  Ready to check it out for yourself?  Click the button below to access your 75% discount!

Is the XT808 A Good Flashlight?

Consider this for a second, the champion of flashlights for years, the Maglite, hasn’t innovated much in the way of features.  The most comparable flashlight they have to the XT808 has only 320 lumens.  With not even half the lumens, and none of the design features that make XT808 special, like the scoping and display settings, you would expect it to be cheaper than the XT808, right?  Wrong!  The tactical maglite we looked at was nearly double the price.  That’s a lot of extra money for none of the extra features.

XT808 Flashlight Benefits:

  • Full, Aircraft Grade Aluminum Body
  • Zoomable Light Projection
  • Crennelated Strike Bezel
  • 700 Lumen Cree LED
  • 75% Discount Available

XT808 Flashlight Reviews

Reviews for the XT-808 have been on the positive side so far.  People seem to appreciate both the price and overall quality of the flashlight.  That’s no surprise on the price point, because, as we mentioned above, it’s a very low price for the quality of flashlight you’re getting.  Additional reviews we looked at were mostly focused on the featured of the XT808 torch.  A lot of people really liked the zoomable light projection, while others really liked the utility of the projection settings.  The only real point that wasn’t too favorably reviewed was the aluminum body.  Some people wanted steel, and that’s understandable, but you really can’t beat the lightweight sturdiness of aluminum for this kind of flashlight.  

XT808 Flashlight Price

When you activate your 75% discount by clicking the banner below, you’re also getting access to a volume discount that can get your even further savings.  For example, for one flashlight, you’re paying around $56, but when you buy 5,  they’re $39.20 a piece, 10, they’re $35 a piece.  That kind of discount is great for people who want to light up the tree this Christmas, or for reselling to coworkers.  Ready to access your discount?  Click the banner below to get yours today!

XT808 Flashlight

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